"I am grateful that we had such an excellent teacher.  Because of the foundation that my son had with Mr. Oliver, my son is now involved with the worship band at his school" B. Shiroma


I am pleased to highly recommend Mr. Oliver as a guitar teacher.  I have had the opportunity and pleasure of watching him work with my son, and he would be an outstanding assett to any families music instruction." Christine Z.


"Mike was very patient and kind.  He eases a new guitar player into playing"  Andrew S.


“Both my daughters took guitar lessons from Mr. Oliver when they were between the ages of 9-12 years old. He is an amazing musician himself and is wonderful transferring his talents to his pupils.  He also lets his students choose the type of songs they want to learn.  I would recommend him to anyone!”  P. Wood.













Email: mike@guitaroliver.com 

Text or Call: (949) 933-6260