Learn guitar the fun way with Mike

Mike Oliver is a retired professional guitarist who will teach you to play the songs you have always wanted to learn, and play them like a pro.  If you are a beginner, Mike will give you the skills you need to play songs within a few lessons.  If you are a more advanced guitarist, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!  You can learn any song or any guitar riff you desire.

Contact Mike:

Voice or text: 949 933 6260

Email: mike@guitaroliver.com  


Mike is "an amazing musician who is an expert at transfering his talent to his students"

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Pricing & Location

Lessons are 30 minutes, once per week 

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Mike has a wealth of experience on TV, on radio, on tour with famous artists and in churches all over.  

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Lesson Fun

You guitar lessons will be relaxed, friendly and, most importantly, FUN!  Mike is a friendly teacher who loves people and loves to laugh.

Email: mike@guitaroliver.com 

Text or Call: (949) 933-6260